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Who we are

Cosmo is committed to the development and application of polymer materials in the biomedical and health field, providing integrated services for development, molding, application and registration (DIMAR(TM)), focusing on precision plastic mold design and processing and injection molding. Cosmo has established a 10,000-Class (Class 7)clean GMP manufacturering workshop and automated production lines to ensure the consistency quality and safety of productions. Our product line is mainly used in life science research, medical devices and healthcare. 


Our expert team has more than 10 years of development and design experience in related fields. Based on many years of experience, we provide applications including plastics in optical, pharmaceutical, medical and life science research.


About quality

We will formulate correspondingly strict production flow and process requirements according to the application requirements of different products to ensure the quality and safety of products; at the same time, we will provide a rigorous product quality tracking system.


Design and processing

Precision processing equipment and molding process, we are demanding every step of the process.

Mission: Innovation, Quality, Collaboration and Services. Life safety is our goal for innovation.

If you need more information or cooperation, please contact us: info@cosmobrand.com

We deliver :
• Production Design
• Prototype
• Mold Design and Tooling
• Material Optimize Selection
• Molding Injection
• Production & Assembly
• Polymer Modification




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